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  • Sliced steel truffles


    To appreciate full taste and fragrance of White Truffle is always used raw. After having carefully brushed it, with a special tagliatartufi it is made of thin lamellae and is added to the prepared dishes. The combination that in the kitchen fully enhances the characteristics is that with eggs: from simple eggs to pan to fresh egg pasta. From good Langaroli an egg Tajarin with fine white truffle can not miss on our tables, accompanied by a vintage Barolo.

    From September to December are his months to find it fresh.

  • Sliced wood truffles


    Black Summer Tartuvo or "Scorzone" with its warty and black outer skin. After having carefully washed it, it becomes thin slices or thin slices with the special truffle slicer of the Antica Bottega, and is always eaten raw. Thanks to its versatility it can be used for the preparation of many dishes from appetizers to first courses up to seconds of meat and fish.

    From May to August are his months to find it fresh.